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Introducing the newest member of the family…

The sleep disturbed nights. The long days. The anxiety and constant questioning. Would this get easier? Was I doing a good enough job?

It’s hard not to compare starting a business with having a baby. The truth is, setting up my own business was hard work. I was juggling a part-time job with trying to set up my own business in my spare time, while trying to be a great mum to my kids and occasionally being available to say more than two words to my husband – it was exhausting.

But if I look at Feel Better Box as my first-born, then the newborn haze is behind me. My offspring is now toddling along nicely, growing more confident and getting some praise and recognition along the way too (Thanks to my AusMumpreneur Silver Award for New Business).

And having gone through the really challenging part of starting up a solo business, I was more than a little surprised to find myself pining to do it all over again…

Like any parents who contemplate doubling the size of their family, I questioned how I would cope – how would I share my enthusiasm and my time fairly between two businesses?

And then I remembered why I became a small business owner – because I believe in my ideas and I love what I do. 

So my sense of adventure kicked in - I jumped in feet first and I’m delighted to now be the proud owner of a second business – Ideal Gift Hampers!


Meet my new addition

My new business was inspired by a friend who wanted to send one of my hampers to someone but they didn’t want to send a Feel Better Box because their friend wasn’t unwell. 

It dawned on me that I was missing out on other opportunities even though I have access to the most beautiful array of gifts and artisan treats. And so I had my lightbulb moment and Ideal Gift Hampers quickly took shape.

You won’t find any pickles, crackers or jams in these hampers. Ideal Gift Hampers are stylishly packed with products that are sure to generate “ooohs” and squeals of delight. 

You’ll find luxurious skincare brands to retreat yourself at home and gourmet foodie treats – and tipples – made with love and passion by other Aussie small business owners.

We have hampers for both men and women, festive hampers and hampers for teams to share - all offering special gifts for a variety of recipients and occasions. 

I’m thrilled with my new product range and I’d be absolutely delighted if you’d like to check it out too.

Like any excited new parent, I’m currently prone to over-sharing lots of photos and details of my new arrival – please stick with me during this phase and keep your fingers crossed for a serious growth spurt in the run up to Christmas!


Sarah x


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