An end to the ‘Team Hamper Hunger Games’

                                                                       Team Hamper - beat the Hunger Games in your office

In my past life, I was a slave to the corporate grindstone. I was an assistant to some pretty senior executives and I worked hard to manage their diaries, organise their travel and then re-arrange it all over again when things inevitably changed.


The perks of the corporate grind were good though and it wouldn’t be unusual to receive a generous team hamper at Christmas. Who doesn’t love a great big basket brimming with sweet and savoury goodies to feast on with your favourite colleagues?


And that’s where I had a problem – the sweet treats were always what everyone really wanted. This meant that if you weren’t quick enough, ruthless enough or determined enough, you’d end up with the savoury short straw – jar of olives or packet of crackers, anyone? And guess what? The odds were never in my favour - I always got the short straw…


So when I launched my own business, I vowed to make a stand against this ‘team hamper Hunger Games’. In my Christmas Team Hamper I’ve banished second-choice savouries; instead, there are only gorgeous gourmet foodie offerings to satisfy those with a sweet tooth and wonderful wines fit for a celebration - meaning everyone is a victor.


You’ll find artisan sweet treats for spoiling a super team: salted dark chocolate coated honeycomb with rose and pistachio, handmade salted caramel wagon wheels dipped in dark chocolate and delicious squares of vanilla bean marshmallows. And not forgetting the Christmas star – two handmade traditional fruit cakes.


And because there are only victors with this team hamper, there are celebratory bubbles in the form of a bottle of Bubbelini from the vines of Victoria. Made in collaboration with the award-winning Cope-Williams winery, it’s a blend of 54% Chardonnay and 46% Pinot Noir. And when the bubbles are gone, there’s still a bottle of the stunning 6ft6 Shiraz to be enjoyed.


I’m on a mission to make sure that office superstars can get their well-earned festive sweet fix this year without having to scheme, plot or overthrow other colleagues first. And if you need us to make this team hamper bigger and more indulgent, just let me know your budget and how I can help.


Bestow a festive gift like this on a team and you can be sure that the odds will be ever in your favour!






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